Driver/Owner Hunter Talaski

Class: Junior Dragster
Crew Chief: Domonick Talaski

Family: Domonick Talaski, Ryan Talaski

Residence: 1484 N. Verona Rd

Current Car and Engine size and type: 2008 Honda TRX 450r four wheeler

Nick Name-"Gunner"

Car Name:
First Start: 2009

First Car: 1998 Honda 80r dirt bike

Points or Track Champion: 2011,2012,2013

Who got you involved in racing? My dad


Driver/Owner      Roy St Denis
Crew Chief         Roy St Denis/Austin St Denis
Family                  Austin St Denis
Residence          Oxford Mi
Current Car/Engine size    1987 Ford Thunderbird, BBC 461 Ci, 2001 Racecraft Dragster, BBC 515 Ci.
Nick Name-"The Saint"
Car Name   Thunderbirds name is "Blackbird"
First Start     First started racing in 1990
Points or track Champion    Ubly Dragway 6 time points champ.
Who got you involved in drag racing?   I got in trouble street racing many years ago
and realized I could race
all I wanted at the track and stay out of trouble.

Driver/Owner: Dan Pepper

Crew: Jack Pepper

Residence: Hensall Ont

Nick Name-"DANO"

Car: 1983 Camaro Z28 and 1967 Camaro RS

Engine: 383 SBC pump gas motor and 540 BBC carbureted on alcohol. Both built by my Dad and I

Started Racing: 2001 at age 16 in Teen Championship Racing (TCR)

First race car: Mom’s 1991 Caprice. Built my ’83 in 2002 and bought my ’67 in 2007.

Points championships: 2004 Modified Street Champ Grand Bend Motorplex and St. Thomas Dragway,

2005 Street ET Champ Grand Bend Motorplex, 2010 OSCA 11.90 index Champ, 2012 OSCA 11.90 index Champ

Who got you involved in racing: My Dad. Took me to watch my first race at London Motorsports

Park when I was 6 and I’ve been hooked ever since.


Driver/Owner Bill Persi Crew Chief: Joe Persi Jr.

Family: Residence: Davison, MI

Current Car and Engine size and type: 1978 Ford Mustang 351 Windsor

Nick Name-"Sly Guy"

Car Name:

First Start: Trophy race @ Ubly 1996

First Car: 1978 Mustang

Points or Track Champion:

Who got you involved in racing? My dad, Joe Persi Jr.


Driver/Owner: Darren McChesney
Crew Chief: Eric Duby
Family: Brooklyn McChesney, Al, and Dave
Residence: Saginaw, Mi
Current Car and Engine size and type: 1973 Plymouth Duster
408 C.I Small Block
Nick Name-"Freak"
Car Name: Bad Habit
First Start: June of 2005 in Erik Pierson's Dodge Demon
First Car: 1995 Chevy Blazer
Points or Track Champion: 2nd place in points in 2009
Who got you involved in racing? My dad and the whole Team
Hypercision Plymouth Mopar gang!



Driver/Owner: Bryan Campbell
Crew Chief:  Amanda Campbell
Family:  Wife – Amanda – Dog – Scoops (8yr old Beagle/Basset Hound)
Residence: Oxford, MI
Current Car/Engine: ’74 Tube Chassis Vega w/ 355 c.i. Small Block Chevy

Nick Name-"Chatty Cathy"

Car Name: N/A
First Start: April 2006 at Summit Motorsports Park
First Car: ’70 Chevelle – Ran 10.60’s in the ¼ mile/6.70’s in the 1/8 mile
Points or Track Champion: 0
Who got you involved in racing? My best friend Nate, who is also a drag racer


Driver/Owner John Kutsick    Crew Chief:  Chris Kutsick
Family: Chris Kutsick
Residence:  Michigan
Current Car and Engine size and type:  1992 Camaro  522BBC
Nick Name-"The Great One"
Car Name:
First Start: 1963 Impala
First Car: 1963 Impala
Points or Track Champion:  Gary Williams (spotty)
Who got you involved in racing?  Me



Driver / Owner: James A. Gorski
Age: 46
From: Shelby Township, MI
Crew Chief: James A. Gorski
Crew: Jeanette and Jordan
Nick Name-"TOP Jimmy Jam"
Current Car: 1984 Mustang GT (owner built)
363ci Ford (Built by Reichart Racing Engines)
Best ET 10.21@130 2870# 9" Tire
1.33 60' Naturally Aspirated / Pump Gas
Bio: First time at the track with my mother and father I was 6 month's old. Started racing myself
in 1987
with a different 1984 Mustang GT. Car ran high 14's. Built current car in 2000 in my Dad's shop
"Andy's Automotive"
Raced local bracket races and also followed the NSCA (National Street Car Association)
from 2003 until 2007.
Started racing local bracket races 2007-present.
NSCA 2005 - World Runner-up
NSCA 2006 - Third place finish
Ubly 2012 - Runner-up Points Championship
Winner 2012 - Ubly All out
Runner-up 2012 - Mopar's vs. World


Driver/Owner Crew Chief: Justin Larocque (Driver)  Jim and Sharon Larocque (Owners)

Residence: Bay City, MI

Current Car and Engine size and type:  ’99 Camaro – 408ci  - LS Motor

Nick Name-"Jay Rock"

Car Name:

First Start:  July of 2010

First Car: ’99 Camaro

Points or Track Champion:

Who got you involved in racing?  My dad bought a wrecked car for us to build together,

something for the street.  Well, as you can see, it’s not allowed on the street

and the build has gotten out of hand just a bit!

Crew Chief- Skuzz
Family- Wife Michelle /Daughter Brittany/Son Troy
Nick Name-"James Bond"
Residence- Ortonville
Current car- 1979 olds cutlass/ 468 Chevy big block
Car name- Known Felon
First started racing in 1991 at Lapeer Dragway and Ubly Dragway
First car was a 1983 Monte Carlo with a 327 chevy small block
Who got me started racing was Skuzz & Big Red
Driver/owner------- Ron Lehman
Crew chief----------- Dan and Dick
Family -----------------Cathy/Greg/Jason/Nicole
Residence------------ Algonac Michigan
Current car----------- 1972 Chevy nova pro street 454 engine.
First started---------- 2008
First car ----------------1964 Pontiac GTO
Evolved in racing---- Dick Carne

Driver/Owner: Gene Reynolds

Crew Chief: Paula Lutz

Family: Paula, Jessica & Zach

Residence: Roseville, MI

Nick Name-Flying Hawaiian

Current Car and Engine size and type: 68 Chevelle, 496 BBC

Car Name: Team American Graphics Racing

First Start: high school

First Car: 68 Chevy Nova, 302 DZ block, 4 sp Muncie

Points or Track Champion:

Who got you involved in racing? father


Driver/Owner:  Bruce DeShano

Nick Name-Show Time
Crew Chief:  Nick DeShano

Family:  Lou, Nick Ari and Renee DeShano

Residence:  8215 Ridgewood Dr., Pigeon, MI 48755

Current Car and Engine size and type: 1985 Mustang SBF 460" Roush Competition engines
Car Name:
First Start:  May 2010

First Car:  1969 Rambler SCrambler

Points or Track Champion: Someday!

Who got you involved in racing?   The need for speed!


Driver/Owner: Mike Gubala

Nick Name-Rocket Man

Crew Chief:
Family: married to Kristen and have a daughter Olivia
Residence: Rochester Hills, MI
Current Bike and Engine size and type: 1300 Suzuki Hayabusa
First Start: 2003
Who got you involved in racing? My dad